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Elizabeth Cornwall is trained as a Clinical Psychologist (that means she trained in Psychology for 7 years at Post-graduate University level). Elizabeth has 22 years experience as a Clinical Psychologist (working for Governement Health Services as well as in Private Practie). Tree Fern practice is a general practice, and as well as offering face to face sessions, offers telephone, internet, Skype and SMS counselling in order to cater for the modern needs of all clients including those in rural, remote or international areas.

Tree Fern Psychology Practice is a unique tranquil practice set in rainforest, near a creek and waterfall located in the North Shore of Sydney Australia. It is focused on providing high-quality confidential Therapy for a wide range of Child, Adult and Family problems as well as Life Coaching.

Elizabeth Cornwall offers support through rough times for a wide range of problems. For example, Grief and loss, fear or Anxiety, Depression, behaviour management of children, Developmental Disability, relationship issues, family problems….. Elizabeth Cornwall uses CBT,ACT, Systemic Therapy and a variety of other innovative techniques to help you through your difficulties. Maybe it’s just that you wish to perform even better than you do or need someone just to listen.
Look around the website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact her.

Availble sources for counselling:

  • Trefern Clinic in person session
  • Telephone or Skype
  • Internet Chat
  • Text Messages

Tree Fern Psychology Practice is registered for Medicare and Private Health Fund rebates in Australia. It provides counselling for a range of Child, Adult and Family problems providing support and solutions through the rough times.